Tuesday, December 23, 2014

AMG Lady Ballers definitely can ball #HoopAHolicsCamp

The thing I truly love about watching young talent is that I usually can gauge on several factors either by where they are or where I predict they'll be and as I close out another part of the 2014 HoopAHolics Camp, I can certainly say I was not only satisfied with what I saw but even more excited about what I'll be seeing and the AMG Lady Ballers have a group of young ladies that are already making things happen


Mackenzie Wurm-huge upside, understands the game on both ends of the floor, showed she could create her shot


Autumn Smith-loves to play defense, quick hands enables her to get easy steals, attacks and finishes strong

Aniyaa Buckley- just continues to impress me with her feel for the game, plays within herself but can take over oat a blink

Jada Hollie-very aggressive on both ends, loved the contact and could finish after receiving it

Nya Harmon -did well in skills session and on court, read the floor and made plays

Torrie Tyler-tough young lady that simply gets after it, good ball-handling and a deceptive first step gets her easy baskets

Taylor Smith-huge upside, creates well and knows how to get position

Madison Jones-good size along with desire is always huge at a young age but Jones has aknack for rebounding and put-backs.


Jahcelyn Harfield- although she was one of the youngest campers, you never would have known. Can knock down shots already, good feel for the game