Saturday, January 4, 2014

Stony Point's cast from #MansfieldInvitational

I know I said I would do the "supporting cast" stuff on yesterday but I also like this verse in an old Prince song, "I change the rules and do what I wanna do" so here it is and it's based on the top teams I saw in both holiday events  read more

I sent out something on Jaiton Walls being available to every college in the country, she's 6'3 and as you can see quite imposing, that was the New Year's freebie for you. Walls and all tournament selection Jordan Moore control the inside for the Lady Tigers but don't think containing them will get you out of the jungle, get it, tigers, jungle......  Check out MORE on MOORE read more

Chelsea Edwards, Dorian Brown and Autumn Avina round out the starting five and watching Edwards and Brown shoot, playing zone might not be a good idea and no matter what season we're in now, Autumn simply blossomed through the event as she scored almost at will. SP and Pflugerville are not only in R2, but they are in the same district which means I might have to take a road trip