Monday, January 6, 2014

Chou JEFFERSONIZED in 2016 class

I knew Natalie Chou was a special player when I saw her playing for Jason Terry's Lady Jets team in Prime Time Nationals a couple of years ago, yeah that Jason Terry and yeah Prime Time Nationals. One day when I have time, I'll put together all of the young talent I've caught, wait,not only young , but unknown talent at the 700 plus team event year after year, but my schedule is tight so let's roll with this

The title means she's "Movin On Up" well she only moved one spot but her performance this season at both the Metroplex Friday and Sandra Meadows Classic showed me she has added even more to her arsenal of weapons

Chou going against the only player from 2016 that's ahead of her, Lauren Cox, showing her ball-handling skills, Cox at 6'4 shows she can defend on the perimeter in this #AutoAwesome photo as well. Chou showed me she has mastered yet another sumpin sumpin in this game from Metroplex Friday, the step back

Going against 6'3 Brianna Turner is no easy task, Tuner, the Notre Dame signee, is ranked #1 in the 2014 class by just about everyone and like Cox, is a big girl that can defend smaller players. Chou is fearless and smooth as silk and I'm not talking synthetic, I'm talking the real deal and when you have a 6'0 player that can handle the ball, hit the mid-range, hit the long range, take just about anyone off the dribble and you've added the step back just for fun...........