Friday, January 10, 2014

Manvel and everyone else, not just in 22-5A

 Brianna Turner, one of if not the best player in the country for 2014 since she was in middle school, Notre Dame signne. Rangie Bessard, one of the most underrated players in the state, if not country, Minnesota signee. Jordan Hosey, one of the top 2015 players in the country, again, since she was in middle school and has already committed to Texas. I've made the reference of Bessard, Turner, Hosey trio to Bachman Turner Overdrive, if you're not old enough, Google works wonders as they have simply taken care of business in R3 so far this season


There two losses have been to Duncanville and Whitney Young, and other than scares with Pflugerville and Desoto, they've been clicking and are the front-runners not only to win 22-5A again, but to also represent the region in Austin. Two things, the game ain't played on paper and the the teams they'll meet in the playoffs have nothing to lose because Manvel is the favorite so here's the link to the brackets in case you're interested. Oh yeah, that acronym for the trio might be sending a message