Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2015 Gabrielle Stanton commits to SEC program

Gabby Stanton (2015) was an easy one to pick after I saw her play for the first time last season during a district game against Westfield. I loved her poise on the court, saw she could handle the ball under pressure and hit the open jumper but what really sold me was her ability to come back into the game after being knocked down hard multiple times and I'm talk hard to the extent where I thought she was hurt and out.

The third time she came back; she drained a three which helped seal Kingwood's victory and also showed me what type of player she was. Before the club year, I listed her as an Under The Radar player however that old saying I use so frequently "it's not what you do, it's who you do it against" fits perfectly as Stanton had some spectacular games against some of the top players in the country which also ties into this saying, "it's not what you do, it's who you do it front of" and when a young lady can come back after being knocked down the way she was in that initial sighting, being on center stage was easy for her to show what she could do in front of college coaches

Last night, Stanton informed me she had decided that the University of Arkansas was the best fit for her and after she exploded over the past summer, she had her pick of colleges to choose from so I asked what reasons led to her choosing the Razorbacks ”I just really like their coaching staff and they took a personal interest in me as a person not just as player and I think their style of play is pretty compatible with how I like to play, so I just think it was a good fit for me all around.” said Stanton

Gabby is one of the top point guards in the state, she can score off the dribble or drain it from just about anywhere on the floor but what she does as good as any other point in the state is  see the floor and make pinpoint passes which are other huge pluses to take to the next level where she will do very well