Friday, January 17, 2014

Part two of season has three weeks remaining

Okay since I'm supposed to be an evaluator and analyst, well actually since it's too cold for me to go walk this morning, my mind is clicking regarding the playoffs which "ain't that far away" as bi-district starts on February 10th, here's the link for you play with, wherever your team may be in Texas

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I said my mind was clicking and to not pick Manvel to represent R3 based on everything I've seen happen this season wouldn't be wise however based on everything I've seen since I've started watching HS GBB, anything is possible. After B2B Final Fours, Manvel didn't make it last season, their district rival Pearland, a team they've beaten by over 20 points four times in a row actually did.

I'm looking at the brackets and it's possible both teams from District 22 could make it to the area F-4, in fact an all Districts 22 and 17 F-4 is possible. I've mentioned that 17 is the toughest in the area, but are they really. Injuries have played a huge part in the top two teams I had picked in the preseason, Cy Woods and Cy Ranch, are not the top two in the district right now, Cy Fair and Cy Creek are in the drivers seat but several passengers are ready to take the wheel

Can a Fort Bend team make it back for the first time since 2010 when Hightower defeated Bellaire in the finals despite 40 points from then freshman  AJ " The Real Deal" Alix? It's quite possible, Bush is explosive enough to get there but they would have to knock off Pearland and either PA Memorial or Clear Springs.

Speaking of Clear Springs, if ever a nickname fit a player, me giving Broke McCarty "The Chosen One" simply was genius my part because she has led her team to three straight Final Four's, including state last season and although I'm not 100%, I think Chiney Ogwumike is the only other area player to do that, she made all four including two state titles

You have the preseason, district and then part 3, the playoffs. Always remember to come out of the gate playing, it's hard playing "ketchup", with or without the fries. I know that was corny but bring it on the floor!