Monday, January 6, 2014

Area '17 trio get the point early


Here's a New Year's poem you can to the bank folks and trust me, this saying won't collapse
No matter how big, no mater how tall, the game starts at the one in basketball. Now that we've established that yet again, the importance of the point guard has proven time and time again to be the key to unlocking the door and when you're only a freshman and step right into, how can I say this, the "Lion's Den" well you better grow up fast and I ain't lying.


 Alexis Morris has done what I knew she would right off the top in high school and that's put up numbers at Legacy Christian and although I have saying "it's not what you d, it's who you do it against" well, she could probably be averaging the same 30 ppg almost anywhere, she's just that good. She's already dropped 46 and 42 and I'm sure there will be quite a few 50 plus games before it's dome so when you check stats and see a lot of points, know this kid is truly a player because numbers can and have lied

Patterson for threeeeeee

Play the video of  North Shore's Chastity Patterson or use the search bar on here because she just made the tip sheet from the Mansfield Invitational and this site is user friendly. Patterson simply has amazed me since I watched her go through a handful of drills and I'm sure some may have thought I had just left "Happy Hour" when I called this untested, sixth grader "The Future" , well I'm  happy every hour I can spot a young can't miss and like this three at the buzzer, well you get the picture

10 year old Marissa Banfield

Dwarfed among the "Land Of The Giants" a 10 year old Marissa Banfield playing three years up told me that kid had spunk and unlike Lou Grant, I love spunk. She was small, I knew she would grow and get stronger, but what I truly about young Banfield was she was already thinking the game and when you can think the game against your age level that young, that's good, but when you can do it against older kids, wait, who can play, well that's pretty impressive and so is the young Westbury Christian star

#AutoAwesome Banfield

I'm happy about 2017 class being simply overloaded with talented players, I'm not talking about just within a hundred mile radius of Houston, I'm talking across the state and these are only  a handful of young ladies who have stepped in as freshmen and sent a message early.I'm updating, adding and reevaluating all week and I just had to give a S/O to the trio for continuing to make me look smart