Thursday, January 30, 2014

'14 Elise Rodriguez on fire in La Porte win over West Brook

I've always touched on injuries being vital to how far a team goes in a season and too many of them to key players is, well going to create problems. Let me take a step farther, injuries to players at the wrong time, aka viewing periods, can also take a toll and Elise Rodriguez has had more than her share of nagging injuries at the wrong time. The young lady has qualified both on and off the court and is solid at running the one, which means she can run a team, knows and understands the game and won't hurt you because her BB-IQ is right up there with some of the other top points in the state

The unsigned senior has put together some amazing efforts throughout her career, the latest being a 20 point outburst in La Porte's recent win against Beaumont West Brook 40-38. La Porte is trying to secure the final playoff spot in 21-5A and a healthy Rodriguez has definitely been one of the keys

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