Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Way Christian rolling with Momentum for Space City Jam

 I had a chance to cover several of the New Way Christian Academy players at the Midlands Hoops 32 Camp back in October put on by Eddie Venzandt and Sam Smith and to say everything was a success would be putting it mildly. Sam Smith also coaches the 29-6 New Way Christian Academy team and they have been on a roll, winning 21 straight games and losing to the #1 ranked homeschool team which is from Memphis, by only two points in a tournament held in Missouri.

Tonight they put that streak on the line as they face the #2 ranked Lubbock Titans but even more importantly, well at least for me, as that they will also be at the Space City Jam starting Thursday January 30th and running through Saturday, read more

Roeshanda Parker, Nia Smith and Cherlee Collins are three of their top players who ironically made my tip sheet from the Midland Hoops 32 Camp  read more