Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Downtown Maddie Brown JEFFERSONIZED

When you can do things that Hebron's super soph Maddie Brown can do at 6'0, well, you definitely have something to work with. I saw Brown a couple of years ago at Prime Time Nationals on NT United which was a young star studded team led by Lauren Cox however as the tournament progressed, she showed me more and more and even more. This past summer sold me as far as where she could play and believe me she's up there, really up there

This is one of my favorite pics as if she was wondering"who are you and why are you taking my picture" but I've taken quite a few and it's a story to go with almost everyone.Here's the deal, her book is nowhere near complete, the next two summers are going to be huge but trust me, the stage is set cause MB is llegit