Sunday, January 12, 2014

Richards 2012 flashback

Deauzya Richards may not be the most photographed player I have taken pictures of, at least yet, however I am certain that she has more pictures doing "The Pose" than anyone else in my archives. One thing is for certain, this young Cy Ranch freshman has done exactly what I said she would do a couple of years ago as she's erupted to be one of the states top scorers at just under 18 ppg.

I'm having more and more people trying to sell me on who they've "made" into a player and it simply cracks me up. This young lady had "IT" back when I first saw her and she's showing "IT" on the floor

I knew I had to watch her when I saw the shoes and here's what I said almost two years ago

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With all of that being said, I'll try and catch some of  Richards and her Cy Ranch teammates @ Langham Creek Tuesday at 7pm after the 6pm game between between Cy Fair and Cy Woods at the Berry Center