Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bowie's cast from #MansfieldInvitational

I didn't know anything about Bowie although I had seen some of their players in the summer on various club teams but TABC had them ranked in the Top 10 so if they were legit, they would have fit into my schedule and they did. Jazmine Holman was consistent throughout the event and made all tournament however several others were as well. Emerald Mayfield is hard to handle down low in the paint but what I really saw was a lot of, drum-roll please, athletic guards, other than Holman who btw made the Tip Sheet read more

Nicole Iloanya and Nia Roberts seemed to be able to get wherever they wanted, whenever they wanted. Roberts also proved to be a long ball threat. I knew Bria Degrate from the summer, her mid-range game caught my eye when I first saw her, nothing has changed. Jaye Cage also showed she could create and hit some shots from various spots but this is a team that could conceivably slip up on you in the playoffs, hint R1