Sunday, January 5, 2014

Steele cast from #MansfieldInvitational

Okay let me try and break Cibolo Steele down after watching them in the Mansfield Invitational. This team has only four losses, Brennan, the top 4A school in Texas and Wagner, w/o Amber Ramirez, who will be a team they have to go through in order to get back to state and represent R4. The other two losses were in the event to a couple of top R2 teams, Stony Point and Pflugerville, who Steele beat in the state semi's last season

This team is led in just about about every category by McKenzie Calvert (USC) and I've been watching this young lady expand her game since my hair was all black, it's definitely been a while and she made the tip sheet, read more

Sarai Rodriguez is a gifted scorer and the team definitely missed her when she was injured on day two. Jade Brady and Erika Chapman also did some damage throughout the event and I really liked the heat their two sophomores, Alexis Bryant and Charisma Shepherd brought went they entered the game

Bri Millett is simply bringing it on both ends, she's another young lady I've been watching forever and continues to show she's a double-double waiting to happen