Sunday, January 5, 2014

Irving MacArthur's cast at #MansfieldInvitational

MacArthur is a team I've had a chance to watch quite a few times this season and the bad news is two of the games were losses, earlier to McKinney North and most recently to Timberview in the Mansfield Invitational. Here's the good news, everyone wasn't clicking at the same time. Tana Driver is one of the top point guards in the state, she's been solid every time I saw her and even more importantly, read more

Tory Jacobs went off in the last game of the event, the Minnesota signee dropped close to 30 and I was sold on Aaliyah Warren in that initial game against McKinney North. Here's even better news, Ty Colquitt deserved this headline, Ty's so Col she won't Quitt, I amaze myself and the best news of all is Jasmin Taylor showed me she was back in a huge way. Here's the deal, Driver Jacobs and Taylor are capable of dropping 20 each and Colquitt's energy can get her close. Warren is solid, she can be a double-double player every game with her size so if they get rolling, especially after watching Essence Wells playing with more confidence, who knows. Let's close this segment on supporting casts with one of the stars of the shows from both events