Friday, January 31, 2014

Space City Jammin all day today

Space City Jam Momentum lifted off on yesterday and as they have settled in orbit, I'll be on hand to see many exciting young players, including 2017 GPR Under The Radar players Jade Leblanc-Ernest (HCYA) and Mikayla Schenk (SATCH) as well as 2016 UTR Madison Schenck (SATCH) but they are only a few.

Heavy hitters from out of town are in town, McDonald's All American Recee Caldwell  is on hand with FEAST while HSAA and New Way have several players I've evaluated as well and they are among the favorites.

Tip Sheet will be coming along with Twitter stuff providing the signal is good but just be prepared as this tournament was a huge success last season and it starts an exciting weekend, at least for me