Saturday, January 4, 2014

Plano West one of the best at #SandraMeadowsClassic

I think I've summed up Plano West star Natalie Chou numerous times, just know this, she's a "Basketball player" who happens to be on just about every BCS short list in the country. As an eight grader during Prime Time Nationals, I knew it and I wrote and the super soph still has me writing , read more

Can this R2 team give "The Fluge" a run and what about Skyline who has an abundance of D1 caliber talent not to mention, well nm. I haven't seen everyone, so time will tell but I do know Chou has to be on to even be considered but for them to win and they possibly could, other key players showed they could score at Sandra Meadows

Morgan Yancey was probably the teams second leading scorer behind Chou, I don't have time to go back and check but here's the bracket with box scores, but I'm probably right read more Kaelin Domingeaux and Sydney Skinner are both capable of scoring in double digits while Callie Owens was the only player to do just that in their huge lost against Duncanville