Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Freshmen bring in New Year on high note

Marissa Banfield (Westbury Christian) was legit at ten, I knew she would grow and get stronger however she fell into the "it" category at a very young age. Chasity Patterson (North Shore) simply blew me away around the same age so much as I called her "The Future" and I don't have a lot of nicknames that pop into my head, but the future is now as she has BCS stamped, sealed and delivered.

Aakilah Caldwell and Tae Davis are waiting for their turns on the Duncanville varsity, Caldwell I'm more than aware of what she can do, she blew me away all summer while Davis was more than a pleasant surprise. It get's even better, Caldwell's club teammates Alex Coleman, Tia Wright and Stephanie Jackson all suit up for McKinney North along with one of the fastest players with the ball and already a top defender in the state, Breah Powell, hmmm, didn't I just say something like that about Foman. Desoto's Chania Wright, well it's coming, trust me, I've seen this young lady grow on and off the court in a short time

Brennan's Megan Valdez may be heading to state this season, she's on the best 4A team I've seen so far but the sharpshooter has proven that her range is unlimited. Mansfield's Chennedy Carter, like Patterson, is going to make an MDAA run, I called that months ago after I first saw her so don't act like this happened overnight. Timberview's Alesa Gerald is learning from one of the top points in the state so as torch is being passed, she'll help keep the flame lit. Also big S/O to Amber Dixon from Summit, she was a pleasant surprise when I first saw her at the Texas Invitational, now that I know, I know. Another surprise was Denton Ryan's Julia Bridges who was savvy on both ends and showed a lot of promise

Off the top of my head, these are some of the youngstas from that MONSTER CLASS who are going to be the "stars of tomorrow". I'll check back later when I recap some of the teams