Friday, January 3, 2014

Richardson one of early favorites for next year after #SandraMeadowsClassic finish

Arleighshya "Fats" McElroy

I asked Arleighshya "Fats" McElroy about her her nickname and she told me she was chubby as a baby. Well the only thing FAT about her now is her stats and she was simply an offensive machine at the Sandra Meadows Classic. McElroy. along with Dorian Branch and Brianna Lester are three of my top 2016 Texas prospects and after their performance for Richardson in the tournament, don't be surprised if they make a run next season

Dorian Branch

Branch legitimized herself as a BCS prospect over the summer and I've said this time and time again, she doesn't realize  how good she really is. Lester is the one that you go back and look at the stat sheet and see how important her role is on the team, especially when you watch the game and realize the the things she does that don't show up

 Brianna Lester 
2015 Shaylan Coleman was a pleasant surprise, in fact she was named to the all tournament team. Richardson drew Duncanville off the top, a wreck that had me in traffic on 45 over an hour caused me to miss it but they pulled a Beyonce and went to the left. They reached the consolation finals against Troy, lost by only 4, but with another year under their belts, this team is going to make some noise

Shaylan Coleman