Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tyjae Scales makes double decision

If ever a player was "Under The Radar" it would be Tyjae Scales who stands a tad over six feet but plays a three to four inches taller. Am I exaggerating or embellishing ? I don't do that, I always keep it real and Sales continuous progression on the basketball court simply shows what hard work can do as she simply kept taken her game to another level and will join fellow Cy Fair Jolivette teammate Tatiana Perez at Tulsa

Scales was also ranked among the top shot putters in the country and she will be pulling a double at Tulsa with basketball and track which leads to a story. A coach called me and said, "I know you do girl's basketball but do you know anything about track" and I told him "yeah I walk on it and used to get tickets driving like I was on one" and this is how I learned just how highly this young lady was regarded

I'm a basketball guy, I won't claim to be an expert on anything else but I'm sure if it's something Tyjae wants to do, she'll get it done, period. Here's a link I did on her for Full Court last season

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