Saturday, September 13, 2014

Super Cooper not only Georgia star at #4040JohnLucas


Te'a Cooper wasn't the only player from Georgia that put on a show, the 2018 duo of Tyler Collins and Taylor Sutton sold me a few months ago at the 60/60 and let me say this, their mailboxes will stay full over the course of their young careers but they weren't alone as trio of other young ladies joined them on my must see list for the future. With Collins and Sutton both at the same school, well that's reason enough for a road trip and should they play Norcross, well that might be a locck-Hampton, GA


Vashnie Perry-5'6 guard-Norcross, GA (Norcross HS) I love speedy guards especially when they're speedy with the ball and Perry simply made things happen on both ends of the floor. She showed she could get to wherever she wanted and usually that was blowing by defenders to the basket


Jenna Brown-5'9 guard-Marietta, GA (Marietta HS) Brown did a number of things well as she joined the guard group that could attack almost against anyone and finish. She handled the ball well under pressure and even more importantly saw the floor well

Taylor Mason-5'8 guard-Decatur, GA (Norcross HS) Mason has the ability to overpower guards, smaller and bigger and her strength enabled her to go coast to coast for numerous baskets while taking  contact. She also showed she could get her teammates involved

Caria Reynolds-5'10 forward-Stone Mountain, GA (Greater Atlanta Christian School) This young lady showed a lot of poise and composure and was one of the players that excelled in the drills. She also showed her strength as she battled on both ends in the paint and finished strong

Tyler Collins-5'5 guard-Fayetville, GA (Woodward Academy) Collins keeps climbing up the charts and the phrase about big things in small packages certainly fits. Collins can flat out play, her mindset is she doesn't care who she goes up against and her ability to score, defend and get her teammates involved will have her on numerous short lists for colleges

Taylor Sutton-5'6 guard-Hampton, GA (Woodward Academy) Sutton had a big S on her shirt, don't know if it meant Sutton or Super but either way it fits. What she brings to the table is almost indescribable as she simply makes things happen whether she scores or not, which she can and when you have that type of impact, well.......