Monday, September 22, 2014

'15 sharpshooter Thompson bringing excitement to #TheLastRun

I considered Clear Lake's Torrie Thompson one of the biggest surprises I ran across last season and the Under The Radar guard also turned out to be on of the most consistent scorers In caught in Texas combining both the high school and club seasons together. Thompson can take defenders off the dribble, both from the left and the right while scoring with either hand not to mention knocking down the mid and long range shots with ease

Throw into the equation that she's a hard nosed defender that can guard baseline to baseline and when it comes to ball handling and seeing the floor, she passes both with flying colors. The very, very talented senior will be playing with the Pearland Hawks at John Lucas' The Last Run which I'll be covering all day Saturday. Here's a little on Double T courtesy of Marissa from PTB