Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Kempner makes strong showing at #CyFairFallClassic

Kempner's Coach Erica Routt has to be beaming with joy not only because she'll have a chance to coach her already committed to Texas freshman daughter Shae but the pressure I saw fro the backcourt along with the level of intensity coming throughout the whole game was something opponents need to take notice of. Tiara Matthews is one of the top 2016 players in the state, saw her in 8th grade and simply knew she was going to be a force to be reckoned with and like always, when I call it young it happens. Matthews and Routt are going to create some issues in the paint as they're going to be able to do plenty of damage on both ends and even though both can use their size down low, both have continued to work on their games to be able to face the basket and score

Routt isn't the only freshmen that will provide another ingredient to the Cougar's recipe as Tianna Clark will crate some issues on the court. Clark is another young lady I've been watching for what seems like forever and her energy level trickles over to her teammates and I already consider her one of the top defensive guards in her class but over the summer that offense has come around and these two will definitely be key to what Kempner not only does this season but the future as well. Yeah Shae, you told me so, I know, I know