Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Patin and Collins continue to battle #4040JohnLucas as they await Tip Sheets

When people tell me I take good pictures, I tell them I take a lot of pictures and some come out okay because that's the way it is. Some say I'm a good writer, well I'm a good storyteller and sometimes I drift into typo-land plus I might use words I make up to suit me or hip hop, plus I use ain't a lot and even though I know it's wrong, I ain't gonna stop because I don't want to. Some even say I know talent and I would have to agree with that statement because when I call it, you need to be attention and I'm talking on and off the court because evaluate more than just GBB. One thing I do know is these 2018 guards, Rayven Patin and Tyler Collins, are absolute beasts and they've picked back up where they left off in the 60/60 so that plus 40/40 means they're acing it, top that!!!!

Tip Sheets coming on both!!!!