Monday, September 29, 2014

#CyFairFallClassic changes preseason view

Title made you look huh? Actually it hasn't changed that much and remember I always say my predictions are based on teams staying healthy so with that being said I Had a chance to get at least a glimpse of all 15 teams I have listed with the exception of Kingwood and I'll try and touch on each

Also not that this is not what I do, I don't really care who the best teams are, who makes all district or whatever else awards, where any other service or person has someone ranked or what someone else thinks. The only thing I care about is identifying players that can play at the next level, that's it and if those other things are more important to you, blogs are absolutely free so go for it and always remember for those who are unappreciative, "I don't seek your approval"

Heavy stuff coming at you fro the Cy Fair Fall Classic so be ready and check out the new 15

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