Saturday, September 27, 2014

#TheLastRun Camp sets today's tone

I didn't do a head count but I would imagine around 150 players were on hand for Friday the night camp to, how can I put it, get the ball off and running as The Last Run event starts today. Established seniors Chelsea Lott, Jayla Calhoun and Bernisha Coleman, all over the magic number as well as well as Martina Rawls who plays like she is were among the top available players who haven't committed but are legitimate D1 players listed on my Texas Top 100, if you didn't who they were.......

'17 Mya Hollingshed was one of many that showed a tremendous amount of improvement as well as '18 Ariana Taylor, yeah they're both over the magic number as well but the magic really poured in when those Virginia girls popped off and folks the more I watched Shannen Atkinson and Kalla Ballard, both a couple of 2016 players who will join Megan Walker today on Boo Williams, the more I wonder why i didn't get enough sleep because today will be long but it won't be my Last Run, stay tuned and look for the tweets