Friday, September 12, 2014

Texas Tip Sheet from #4040JohnLucas

Monique Terry and Deja Kelly

I wanted to a teaser headline like " Big Trade In San Antonio" and then in the body pf the story I was going to type, no silly, not the Spurs or Silver Stars but the Hoyas and Finest, well in a way I guess I did it any way however let me say this, the San Antonio area continues to climb up the charts and rightfully so as that old reliable hashtag #TalentIsEverywhere is true to form.

Desiree Caldwell and Kianna Williams

 Part of the reason behind the emergence, well explosion would have to be Theresa Nunn's Hoyas annd Ray Caldwell's Finest organizations as they both continue to help place players in the right situation to go the next level. Caldwell's daughter Recee was called a can't miss by yours truly, when I call you bet answer so listen closely, his younger daughter Desiree and Theresa's daughter Deja are #BCSLocks and both have legitimate MDAA shots

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