Wednesday, September 10, 2014

GPR over one million mark since August 2009

The month was August, the date, 30th and the year 2009 when I wrote my first story for the blog. I was at Texas A&M covering the Ganon Baker Camp and this was the first story

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Through trial and error, I've tried to make adjustments and take my aggressive message board act to try and be a little more mainstream and even though controversy sells, well anyway I think the message can be conveyed either way.

Jessica Jackson and Recee Caldwell were mere babies back then yet I KNEW they would be game changers, difference makers and BCS players while they were in middle school and they join a list of hundreds, yes I said hundreds of young players I knew that had "IT" and so far, my average is pretty darn good

GPR passed a milestone, I can tell you exactly when but I'm thinking July when I was getting around 3000 hits per day and a couple just under 5000 but anyway, I reached the million mark and no, this does not count multiple trips daily. I need to sell advertising

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