Monday, September 15, 2014

Surrounding states bring heat #4040JohnLucas

Several talented players were on hand at The Combine from a variety of states, same as last season and a couple of states that surrounded Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas, definitely brought something to the table. I've gone on and on about 2018 Rayven Patin, she's a GPR Under The Radar player you'll be hearing plenty of over the years but and here's some of the articles I've done on the talented prospect read more


Patin wasn't alone as three other Louisiana players made their presence felt including a couple of 5'10 forwards, Bethany Hudspeth and Jaden Towner, who not only did a good job rebounding on both ends but they also showed they could score. 2017 guard Kalia Anderson has a lot of symbols by her name and the summary is that she not only can create for herself but for her teammates as she does a good job scoring either by attacking the rim or just shooting from the outside but her ability to see the floor was among the top guards


Arkansas was represented by a couple of players that I had ironically not only seen before and but also written about. Raija Todd is legit, she's a 2018 with a very bright future and her ability to score multiple ways is simply uncanny

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Brogan Jones is the other young player from Arkansas, she's a 2016 and standing a tad over 6'1, I guess the biggest thing she's added is more confidence as she commands the ball down low from her teammates and unlike my mail, consistently delivers

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