Wednesday, September 24, 2014

GPR get's the job done!!!!!

It never ceases to amaze me when people call or come up to me and say they need help. I explain that my time is valuable and there is a fee involved because when you look at the travel you've paid over the years, the training hours, club fees or whatever else is associated with what you're trying to do as far as getting your daughter as many options as possible to play at the next level and nothing has happened, well the most important thing is playing at the next level, hopefully for free or as close to free as possible right

Parents have told me, yeah but I already paid ABC this or that or I've paid someone with name recognition and I respond well that's who you need to be talking to and where are they watching your daughter play because, uhhh, that's kind of what I'm out here doing. Year after year, people are fooled and the old "bait and switch" works a number of ways and as far as recruiting services, some are just sending out thousands of letter telling lie after lie which is one thing I won't do which I why I have to believe I can truly help and when you have over a 90% rate of helping kids get more, well let me pat my self on the back

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