Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Super weekend in H-Town coming up as #TheLastRun and CyFairFallClassic tip-off

Last week I got a little confused regarding the new alignment and I mentioned repeating in 5A, well that happens when you celebrate your birthday the majority of the month. Although I'm almost back to normal, well my normal, one thing I'm definitely not confused about is the high energy coming this weekend from The Last Run hosted by John Lucas and the Cy Fair Shock's  Cy Fair Fall Classic.

I already know some of the teams that will be on hand at The Last Run, I've mentioned the Pearland Hawks players numerous times but one of the region's contenders, Hightower, will also be on hand and even though Under The Radar Unique Finley won't be back just yet, the Hurricanes are in a "UNIQUE" situation as they have to be one of the favorites to not only win district but make "The Last Run" to Austin, ooops, did it again, San Antonio

Here's the deal and this is what's really important to me. All day Saturday, I'll be at Legends covering The Last Run and all day Sunday, I'll be at Cy Woods covering The Fall Classic. My thoughts will be coming fro both so stay tuned