Thursday, September 11, 2014

Another Gregg's on their way at #4040JohnLucas

Y'all ain't been around long enough, yeah I know, poor grammar but I'm teaching something else right now. Amber Gregg was one of the top players in the Texas class of 2007 and IMHO she and my daughter were the top two guards in that class. It's too bad things like YouTube and Twitter and whatever social media outlets are abundant right now so I could back to then, well even further because ladies and gentlemen, I know where the bar has been set and I can see it, even if left the bar, get it

Now that I have your attention, Amber's younger brother Aaron, is on his way after his showing at The Combine and this young man blew me away at the Tyrone Johnson Showcase and he did the same thing for evaluators on the boys' side this past weekend, yeah it's supposed to hurt!!!!!