Tuesday, September 30, 2014

George Ranch turns corner #CyFairFallClassic

With only one senior on the squad, expect George Ranch to knock on many doors this season before on them next and who knows, with the young stars coming up, old Bum's saying prophetic words may cone through. Alexis White brought a lot of energy as she is one of five sophomores on the squad. Sharpshooter Julia Schwanke was playing with her club team in another event and as she now hovers around the 6'0 mark, well you're looking at plenty of offense. Kendall Bess showed a lot of promise and her being 6'1 doesn't hurt and when you add White, Chinwe Eke, Cerinethe Adam, all 5'10 along with Schwanke, well that's a good start. Also plenty of high energy guards including Haley Johnson who also made a turn this past summer