Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Everyone will know 2020 Swarm causes harm #PrimeTimeNationals

I enjoyed Fieldhouse Friday immensely and they're were quite a few teams that simply blew me away, 2020 Oklahoma  Swarm Elite happened to be one of them. They lost a tough one to another impressive young team, D1 Shooters Destiny however I saw enough to know that this young team has some players that are going to be heavily recruited. Rylee Langerman, Amia Maxwell and Myka Parrish all know how to attack and finish, that helps because they can all handle the ball, well so can Arie Morgan and Katie King so that tells you right there what type of weapons this team has

Lexie Davis showed me should create which is definitely huge and the physicality along with the mentality Alice Stevenson showed has me thinking she will be a terror. Already creating nightmares is Katelyn Levings, she's over the magic number in height and showing magic on the court as well. My goodness, she can handle the ball like a guard, that means under pressure and watching her rebound and run the floor had me entranced. She has good hands, can finish with ease in the paint and has excellent timing to block, alter and deflect but wait, when she dropped a three, all I can tell you right now is three letter and archive this, BCS!!!!