Friday, May 22, 2015

Varsity Tip Sheet from #IBC


CYPRESS, Texas-The Insiders Basketball Classic Varsity Division had talent flowing on every team and I had a chance to the majority of those teams but a few of the teams, I’ve seen multiple times throughout the season and the young talent coming up is going to definitely be exciting and entertaining. The Acadiana Stars represented the Lafayette Louisiana by winning the division and their lone loss was to 365 Elite Red which they avenged in the championship. Here are some of the top performers that played in the Varsity . I don’t know the last name for Lindsey who played with another Louisiana team, Livingston Ladies, but she gets a S/O for putting up big numbers

Alexus Wycoff (365 Elite) gifted scorer that shoots the midrange well but can also attack from wings. She also handled ball pressure and saw the floor well but her comprehension of the game is ahead of her years, she simply makes things happen

Isabella Rathgeb (Houston Insiders Black) she's long and creates problems on defense especially by playing passing lane but that length also enable her to get her shot off which she's creating more effectively. Plenty of upside 


Chandler Jones (Houston Premier Orange) when Jones is on, she's definitely hard to handle because she can score many ways. Take away the long ball, she blows by you for the pull-up or all the way to the basket and trust me, she's usually on

Halle Jones (DFW Elite Houston) I think this was probably the most impressive performance I've seen from Jones because she handled the heat from Acadiana Stars back-court and didn't get flustered. Huge upside

Janaziha Cormier (Acadiana Stars) let me put it this way, she's in the 8th grade and has a college ready body. Now that I have your attention, she definitely has the tools to be as good as she wants to be, she battles for everything in the paint, she runs the floor well, she passes well from the post, inside or perimeter but more than anything else, she puts the ball in the basket