Saturday, May 23, 2015

Skyrise Hamilton win #IBC Gold

To say this is a talented young team filled with players that are going to make an impact in high school almost immediately would be an understatement and when we return back to some of the stories on players I've written about, all you have to do is use the search bar, you'll realize I was on to something but over the years, if you use that same search bar you'd already know that. Jessica Soders and Dyani Robinson were the two I picked for the Tip Sheet, Soders also made the All Tournament team but there were many others I could have chosen


Markayla Johnson and Micayla Hamilton have star written all over them, Johnson blows by defenders from the wing, rebounds and plays the passing lane while Hamilton simply excites me with some of the things she can do in the open floor, I caught last season as she simply went off several times but the athleticism and energy both bring is going to do nothing but elevate their games and since I'm talking about elevating their games, Kyra Merdith is definitely a force to be reckoned with on the inside

Dylan Malone and Makala Patterson also sold me on their skills last season while both Jenneka Jackson and Brooke Cephus showed they could score under pressure over the weekend, Cephus and Robinson also had that long ball working. Mailyn Wilkerson is showing several different signs as she keeps getting better and one game in particular, she went completely off on both ends but the killing part is that she, along with Wilkerson, are only in the 7th grade and are more than holding their own playing up