Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Runnin Rebels Dynamic Duo on fire #IBC WNBA

Melissa Rodriguez smile is contagious, she simply is one of those players that doesn't get flustered and is always the same on the court whether she's putting up numbers or making things happen in other ways. She's unselfish but can simply get going at the blink of an eye and her being one of the states top long ball shooters is only one of the reasons why she made the ever so important Tip Sheet

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Rodriguez and Taylor Hunter compliment each other on the floor it's like they're using telepathy as they simply know where each other happens to be and in this event, that happened to be the All Tournament team as both were on fire. Hunter is as powerful attacking the basket as she is from launching deep ones but this squad has other scorers, like Veronica Behr and Leslie Lockridge who can catch fire as well as the energetic Sable Denson who is a powerful guard that plays hard on both ends