Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Insiders clicking at #IBC WNBA

Let me start off with Eryka Sidney who can make a Tip Sheet every time I see her play, not just because of the affiliation that's not how I roll because if you don't know I have no agendas by now, you will never, never, never know me and that's either in Blue Notes or Simply Red but Sidney's game speaks for itself especially with the mid to BCS offers on the table as I type. Yes she's one of the top 2016 guards in Texas and yes she can simply take a game over and she and Toraya Bass were named to the #IBC All Tournament team. Bass filled in nicely with the injury to Mirakle Sallie who sprained her ankle on opening day, Sallie joins Sidney as one of the states top players but the performance Bass gave was astounding as she helped the Insiders to the championship game in the WNBA Division

Taylor Coleman is one of the top defenders in the area and her offense has been coming around lately but she compliments whoever she's on the court with and her desire trickles down to her teammates. Demetria Heard is also one of the areas top defensive guards, she simply plays one way and never takes a play off and she hit some big shots throughout the event. Tasia Hayes and Patricia French were steady and got the job done as the Insiders were shorthanded over the weekend with Sallie out and Beth Hawkins making college visits but that only opened the door for Kendalyn Reece who made the Tip Sheet

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