Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Houston Dream Elite finish 2nd in WNBA #IBC

Where do I start on this talented team, probably Carma Nkola who at 6'4 has made gigantic strides with her game in less than a year. I told you the size plus she's athletic and although raw in some areas, her upside landed her my Texas Top 100 where she joins teammates Tamera Gulley and Tiara Matthews. Gulley also has taken her game to another level and with a late growth spurt combined with her length and athleticism, it's a no brainer. The first time I saw Tiara Matthews in middle school, well let me put like this, I got up and found out what her name was and for me to do that, I knew something special was in the making and as usual I was correct

Julia Schawke joined Gulley on the  All Tournament squad and it was more because of what she's added to her game than just numbers. Gulley's 5'10 so Schwake's wing span I imagine has her near 6'2, keep in mind she can shoot the three ball but what I really liked was her rebounding and passing, with either hand. LaLa Robinson handles pressure with ease, she smooth as silk, plays within herself and knows how to set players up, yet she can score off the dribble or in the flow. I could watch Jillian Cready launch missiles all day, smooth stroke yet put it on the floor a lot and made things happen. Emily Rodriguez also showed me a little something every game and that added up to a lot as she not only created well and nailed her shots, she defended well also. The gifted Taylor Howard is just a silent assassin that did so many thing you see on the score-sheet but she made the Tip Sheet because of other things you may not see and that will be coming up later today or tomorrow