Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hybrid Hoops still exciting #IBC WNBA

All I know is that when you're playing against Hybrid Hoops, you better bring it the whole game because they're coming at you and they won't quit. The talented freshman D'Asia Collins is one of the states top PGs, she can score and set teammates up for gimmes. I've loved this kids mentality since she was around I guess six years old and the interactions I've had with her talking about the game told me a long time ago she was going in the mix. The action starts with her and Cydney Varner, both made the Insider's Basketball Classic All Tournament team and Varner also made the Tip Sheet read more

Haddasah Benedoch is one of the areas most athletic players, she simply won't give up in the paint as she battles for everything and she joins Varner along with Michelle Fokam and Anna Bowman at Seven Lakes who will be in the mix for that coveted trip to Campbell Center and beyond. Fokam can score against anyone down low while Bowman was on fire from both mid and long range. Nia Fuller can also put up numbers quickly, she and Cairn Timko shoot the long ball well also while Chrisitne Butterfield made plays throughout the tournament on both ends