Friday, May 22, 2015

Skyrise 2020 Howard win #IBC Silver

Let me sum it up like this, Kyndall Hunter is a Tip Sheet waiting to happen, she keeps adding things to her game but the most important parts are the ones you can't teach and since the game starts at the one, she's definitely handling the pressure of playing up. Skyrise 2020 Howard has a little bit of everything and when you look at the jump Rianne Burton has made and the jumps Jade Compton is making, that isn't presence simply wears opponents down.

Amada Turpin's outside shot is becoming more deadly or should I say deadlier, either way it's a killer but I'm seeing steady improvement from everywhere. Briana Parker and Sydney Rollins join Hunter in the small guard club but they also are in the the #sizedontmatter club and they keep coming at you. Zaria Johnson and Cy' Maya Colquitt, check and double check as well as new face Ja'nyah all are exciting but Cassidy Howard and Shadiya Thomas made the Tip Sheet this go round