Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Houston Lady Dominators win WNBA Consolation #IBC

Houston Lady Dominators Shannon Jones and Taylor Alexander are both ranked on my Texas Top 100 as I've watched both of these young ladies elevate their games year after year since they were in middle school playing with the Phenoms and way back then I called it and my percentage is much better than FG% you'll catch on the tube. Jones, nm, I'll talk about her on n the Tip Sheet but Alexander has simply added dimensions to her game which will enable her to play multiple positions in college

Several tweets went out regarding Kianna Hall including "she's not related to Aresenio and her game isn't a joke" but she and TaShawna Riggs are becoming more explosive and even though they already brought plenty of heat on  defense, the temperature has been turned up even more. Hall is deadly from long range while off the dribble, Riggs can leave you standing in a trance while Kirsten Hardeman is a physical guard that just wears you down on both ends, good handle and sees floor

Kia Cobbs and her sister Kayla are also two bright young stars in the area and both performed exceptionally well even though they had found out they had just lost a family member. Kia's midrange has been clicking all season, she make her presence felt in the paint and rebounds welkl on both ends while Kayla and Teraneshia Washington are a couple of athletic speedsters that can play and both also happen to be among the areas top freshmen