Friday, May 22, 2015

Livingston Ladies bring more talented faces #IBC GOLD

Breanna Terral impressed me so much last season, first I didn't realize how old she was as she was doing damage playing up and even more her BB-IQ for her age was ahead of it's time read more
Nothing has changed as far as that, but she's taller and stronger and even more fluid than last season but she's plenty of time left to master her craft and believe me, from what I'm seeing, colleges will be beating at her door. This is a solid squad and Candace Ellis and Natalie Stewart joined Terral at putting work in the paint, Ellis also showed some long ball action

Dannah Martin shot the three quite well throughout the event while Gracie Day, Serenity Smith and Kate Thompson also added offensive firepower to this talented young group but the energy that came from several other players, Abigail Burns, Asia Garner, Natalie Stewart and Victoria Smith were all key reasons why they won 2nd place in the Gold Division. One of the biggest suprises of the tournament was 2020 Dijone Flowers, how good is she, I thought she was a sophomore when I first saw her but she made the Tip Sheet so