Thursday, May 21, 2015

Blue Star Skyrise(s) to the occasion #IBC NCAA

Okay we're going into season three of "I told you so" and the roster reads like a Who's Who of not only next level players but D1's and before someone whines about how I can make those statement, keep in mid this is what I o, I'm not a novice and I haven';t been wrong yet. Amanda Ferry, Ashley Daniel and Alecia Whyte's are locks, it's just a matter of how high they can go and it would be safe to assume that Kate Petrovic, being a big guard that can score is in that mix as well. Daniel is the silky smooth wing that can put it on the floor, score in the paint and block countless shots and 6'2 while Whyte is "outasight " as she punishes defenders taking them off  the dribble and is developing a nice pull-up. Ferry and Petrovic made Tip Sheet

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Anna Chong plays the passing lanes and showed me a floater a couple of times, so I know it's legit but I'm seeing big things ahead for Allie Byrd with her length and work ethic. Zaiyer Banks is powerful, she too plays that passing lane strongly and Mia Griffin showed she could put up numbers against competitive teams. One downside, Bre Bookman wasn't available and I'm looking forward to seeing her progression