Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lady Houston Phenoms win #IBC NCAA

I remember the first time I saw the Lady Houston Phenoms in pink, I simply couldn't stop watching them, not just because pink bring my eyes out, it also opened my eyes at what I felt would develop into a barrel of next level players. Fast forward almost four years later and this is my first real good look at the new group. Yeah I know Alana Spencer and Madison Francis, they both made the Tip Sheet

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Yeah I know the 6'2 twins from Atascocita, Diamond and Jada Johnson, although raw when I initially saw them, they've been on the grill and are smoking as well as Nadia Trevino who has size and upside and is also physical and this gives them an impressive front-line for the future, trust me and the heat brought from Alexis Lumpkin on both ends of the court had me sweating, she's powerful and can get it done as well as smooth and electrifying Chardae Jones

Sarah Pettiford made All Tournament team so let me give her a special Tip Sheet simply because I love the way she plays, hard, and never takes a play off. She might be the best young defender in the area, you wanna deal with this young lady you better bring a lunch and on top of that, this jumper off the dribble clicked all weekend.