Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bay Area still Blazin #IBC WNBA

Let me start off by saying Hannah Froeschl is one of the top players in Texas 2017 and if you don't have her among them, I don't have any french fries but it's time to ketchup cause this young lady simply amazes me and although she could land on my Tip Sheet just about every time I see her, she didn't but she did make the All Tournament team read more

Kaitlyn Strassner and Ashlynn Dunbar are the lone juniors on this team of 2017 players and the boost they give definitely makes this team a threat against anyone. Strassner can hurt you off te dribble or outside while Dunbar's simply an athletic nightmare trying to contain. Don't fall asleep because the nightmares don't end as Caitlyn Burroway and Hannah Zajac status elevates each time I see them. Burroway is physical on both ends, loves to give and accept punishment and scores in droves while Zajac is something to watch in the open floor and from the wing

Myranda and Samone Walker both can shoot the three, Walker mixes it up off the dribble yet both also can bring heat on the other end of the court and when you talk about heat and filling up score-sheet with the little things many don't see, well I see just about everything and I've been an Alex Simmons fan for a long time, way before she entered Clear Creek and pound for pound, inch for inch, she gets it done with anyone. That bring me to player that I've been watching for three seasons, Madison Nicholas and although I spell her name differently every-time, her game continues to rise as she makes the Tip Sheet