Wednesday, May 20, 2015

365 Elite #IBC WNBA

Katie Gunther and Kelsey Scibek put up numbers over the weekend, Scibek simply went completely off  averaging 24 ppg and trust me, she is a D1 player and that's simply the bottom line read more
The powerful Gunther had a couple of double digit games but this 365 team has some talent spread across it. When you have two Taylor's, Bearden and Harris, you're in good hands to have games sewed up but what I also enjoyed was the heat brought by Deja Keys who showed she could run a team and score, this is why it's important to see players in multiple setting or place your players where I can see them

McKenna Christler showed range,Amber Terry, Emily Chafin and Kelly Sommers brought heat of defensive end and all made key plays throughout the event however smooth as silk Payton Walker has taken her game to another level and made the Tip Sheet

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