Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Houston Dream Blue entertaining #IBC WNBA

Let's see three talented guards, Aubrey Jones, Kirsten Brown and Teren Livas are the lone 2016 players on this squad and Livas has the right last name because she can leave us, meaning defenders, standing still off the dribble, how do I come up with this stuff. You want athleticism, you got it, you wanted shooter, you got it, you want players banging in the paint, well you got it all on this team. Mia Perkins has elevated her game, she showed signs of being dominant at times down low but even with all that, her ability to run the floor is what sold me. Shelby Malone and Bre Staten just bring so much energy with their athletic ability while Haylee Washington does that and handles the ball well under pressure which enables her to do a variety of things, all good

Miranda Stephens is a big guard with a stroke from long rage, mid-range she's home the range as she can simply shoot it and she was names to the #IBC All Tournament team while Mikayla Trayweek shot the ball well enough in a few minuted to make take a double look, her quick release and propensity to put the ball in the basket was enough for me. Falyn Taylor, oh yeah she can also let em go from just about anywhere which is why she made the Tip Sheet