Saturday, May 23, 2015

Lady Houston Phenoms win Consolation #IBC Gold

Nice mix with the 8th grade squad from TEAM PHENOM, the 2016 group I told you four years ago that "you better watch out" and like that other SC from the North, I'm sure many are pouting because they get in on some of those talented players earlier but one more time and "I'm telling you why" several of these younger Phenoms showed some potential. Keep in mind I only saw them briefly but you've been doing this for a minute and you actually know what you're looking at, well it's easy and many of these players have the tools to play at the  next level if they keep working
Ana Kassim and Bre'lyn Adams showed signs of being dominant inside, both have powerful bodies and rebounded well on both ends while Taelyn Londow showed she could get to the rim and finish, also showed a floater same with Chelsea Green who got there from the wing with ease, great athleticism and upside. Also liked Heaven Ming, she runs the one and does it having fun, well for her because she's feisty, can shoot the three and take defenders off the dribble and although she's small, #sizedontmatter and neither does the fact that she and Londow are in the 7th grade  playing up

Speaking of up, let's talk about upside and Krystal Doakes, Tiffany Moore and Brittany Stafford all definitely showed some ability on the court, Stafford simply can go off on the offensive end as well as bring heat defensively but the biggest upside of them all is probably the young lady that made the Tip Sheet, Talia Gourad

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