Sunday, January 18, 2015

San Jac, HBU win, Rice falls just short

My intentions were to pull a double again on the college side however horrendous traffic changed that up dramatically. The Rice vs Charlotte game started at 2pm, then it was toss-up between HBU vs New Orleans and San Jac vs Coastal Bend since both were at 4pm. Rice put up a great fight however they fell to Charlotte by only 3 read more

HBU defeated New Orleans 63-45, they've won two in a row and host Lamar next Saturday, I'll be there traffic or not because I'll start out earlier read more

It was an early battle between San Jac and Coastal Bend, I made a comment on Twitter that the Lady Gators were up by around 3 almost halfway into the first half when I decided to get a hot dog and some chili and cheese later the lead was 20. I made that up, well about going get the hot dog but San Jac just exploded and won going away, scoring over 100 points