Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Don't stop believing the hype

The good news about social media is that you can get a lot info out there to the public however the bad news is that people, well college coaches, have to decipher on what's legit. I've spoken on numbers can be misleading time and time again and either you get it or you don't but in the day and age of where you see numerous tweets with this or that, it's simply hard to process it

I've spoken about recruiting services that solicit players by the droves saying what they can do for your daughter, some get it, some don't but once again the numbers from the NCAA say less than 5% of seniors make it from HS to college to play ball but someone who hasn't seen your child play can make that happen

Parents numerous letters go out from colleges but that doesn't mean they are recruiting your daughter so always have a plan and understand from someone who has actually been through it from various angles